26 July 2009

my eyes are burning for sleep,
yet it's only 7:30 at night.
i feel really bloated even though i ate dinner two hours ago
and my snack consisted of ginger crisps and tea.
i'm so excited for winter and snow and bundling up.
when i was little i would have hot coco and oatmeal every morning
for breakfast and watch mr. rogers.
i remember our carpet had red flowers on it with a navy background
and it was always chocolate powder - either ovaltine or nesquik.
i miss those days; those lazy days. i wish it was normal to want to be alone.
i often find myself not wanting to be around people.
i like my company and doing things i feel like doing whenever i want to.
i don't think i'd call this anti-social. no, independent perhaps.
i'm so tired...

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