19 August 2009

for the past three days i have been in bed or on a couch.
this is so not how i pictured my last few days of summer.
i don't know what i'm sick with but all i know is i have a constant head ache,
my whole body aches, and it hurts to swallow.
last night i awoke to a hurricane warning and it freaked me out.
i think i stayed up for two hours freaking out and not moving.
last night i walked into town with my dog and we walked past a dog that looked like my other dog.
my dog wouldn't walk forward - she planted her feet and stood there.
i started to tear up because i miss my lab so much.
i have rediscovered ovaltine and i can't get enough.
i think i may allow comments because i want to see if anyone out there is even reading this.
or am i just writing to no one?
i kinda want to reformat the way my posts appear because this is a little unconventional.
there are so many things i want to say but i don't know how to compose it.
while i was freaking out and not able to sleep last night (this morning?), i decided i need to economize my shopping list for school.
and that i might be making a huge mistake. 
am i?

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