02 August 2009

i leave in a little over a week
i've practically packed up my entire closet
and even remembered post-its and my new calculator.
i can't believe i have three horses.
i saw one of mine for the last time today i think.
i sorta hope he sells and i don't because he's like a big puppy.
this upcoming week is my last at home for a long, long time.
i signed up for some volunteer work - it's my 4th summer doing it and i thought it was a good idea.
the more i think about it the less i want to do it.
i begin tomorrow and dread it like no other.
all i want to do is ride my horses and see my friends.
although, they don't seem to be running to me, even though i will be gone for a few months.
i had a half of a frozen snickers - my guilty pleasure.
i'm really craving chocolate - i always do. it's an addiction.
my god. i really really do not want to go tomorrow.
i just don't like it there.
i wish i could volunteer at a dog shelter with my friend.
i would rather pick up doggy poop than do what i have to next week.
this is my longest blog post i think.
my room feels empty - but it's my closet that is lacking everything.

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